Carmen MazzeoCarmen Mazzeo has designed two collections for dressing housing environments with a tasteful style and exclusive refinements.

Prestigious paintings reproductions

This collection adds a touch of high-class, a high level and value finishing touch, granting eventually a certain potential revaluation.

We’re referring to true works of art. Marvellous oil paintings reproductions able to convey the passion, the warmth, the emotions of the great artist of the past, succeeding in emitting the same expressive force.

Paintings reproductions
A painting, a revenge on obviousness, on all those things doomed to wear and tear, on démodé, on obsolete. A precious object for ever there, everlasting, evocative, unalterable: generous source of sensations and excitations.

Interior Design

Stylish Furnishments that, as well as being functional and of great utility, can adapted to different type of housing.

Furnishing accessoriesThe greatest care of details, the selection of row materials, the elegance of lines and the refined exclusiveness of figures and shapes, let these works of art (all craft made) being true "fine pieces of collection".

Carmen Mazzeo creates Oil Paintings Reproductions by commission, too !

All pictures on our catalogue are oil paintings reproductions.